March 13, 2015

Worth Fighting For - Entry V: Two Russians Walk into a Bar
Worth Fighting For
Entry V: Two Russians Walk into a Bar
Location: The Brooklyn Hotel
Date: Sunday, September 7th, 2003

We were spent after blowing up the Brooklyn Bridge so we found an abandoned building to rest in for a couple of days. Phil had made some contacts with the civilian population that had remained largely undetected by the SAF. These civilians were able to bring us food and medical supplies, which we were all grateful for. I finally felt like we were making an actual impact in this war, like the table might be tipping in our favor. The people were rallying behind us, maybe not all of them yet, but many of them no longer feared the Soviets as much as hated them.

During our few days of respite, many people came to us asking to join our cause. We were cautious at first, it would be a great tactic for the Soviets to send spies to try and locate our bases. But everyone that expressed an interest to fight for freedom was genuine in their wish to help us. Some of the civilians were even able to ‘procure’ a cache of SMGs for us to use. We appreciated the added firepower but Phil was the one truly ecstatic about the new weapons. Tony was very street smart and was able to help the civilians cipher power from the few working substations in the area. Steven and Billy helped to fortify the abandoned buildings that were used as shelter. Miguel and I patrolled the area to make sure that the remaining Reds at the Brooklyn Hotel weren’t going anywhere. While all this was going on, Phil and Chris were planning our final assault.

When we had recuperated enough, it was finally time to attack our final objective. No more splitting into two teams, Chris was going to lead all seven of us into battle. We made our way to an empty building across from the hotel. We hurriedly took cover as we heard Russian being spoken outside the window. Chris peeked his head out and saw that two prisoners were about to be executed by an SAF officer with two soldiers. We were all surprised to hear that the officer was speaking Russian to the prisoners and they in turn, replied back in the same language. They weren’t Americans for sure but who were they? Russian traitors sympathetic to our cause?

Before I could make up my mind who they were, Chris had leapt out of the window and mowed down the three Reds with his new SMG. The Russian prisoners were shocked by Chris’ actions as much as we were. We quickly joined Chris just in time to hear the Russian prisoners tell us their tale. Their names were Daniil Goldobin and Nikolay Tarasov and just as I suspected, were resistance sympathizers. They stated that they were appalled by the slaughter of civilians and were sentenced to death for refusing to kill a bus full of children. Chris then freed them, not before getting a look of surprise from Phil. Chris asked the Russians if they would help us breach the hotel and they both stated that they would gladly fight alongside us.

Once freed, they dressed in the uniforms from the dead soldiers and holstered the pistols that Chris gave them. Phil insisted that they not be allowed to have more powerful weapons until we knew we could trust them. Daniil told us that the hotel’s doors remained locked and they would be difficult to force open. Instead, he recommended that he and Nikolay go into the hotel undercover and open the bay doors to the kitchen for us. Phil was about to protest, after all, they could easily betray us by alerting the Reds of our presence. But Chris only stated that he trusted these men, and they in turn reiterated that they would both be dead men without Chris’ intervention. We all trusted Chris and his leadership so we trusted Chris on this decision too. It was risky but a much better plan than just running in guns blazing.

So we stayed near the bay doors that led to the kitchen while Daniil and Nikolay entered the hotel from the main entrance. We waited for what felt like an eternity before they finally opened the doors for us. As we snuck through the kitchen, we came across a few dead SAF soldiers; all choked to death. Daniil and Nikolay explained to us that they had killed two soldiers at the hotel bar before eliminating the rest of the soldiers in the kitchen area. All that remained were the soldiers on the upper floors.

We exited the kitchen, worked our way through the bar, until we finally came to the main lobby. Suddenly an alarm began to sound, all of us looked at each other and to our Russian allies when Chris pointed to a trip alarm that we had triggered near the hotel’s front desk. Without saying a word Chris just charged up the grand staircase while firing at every Red soldier he saw. They poured out of the hotel rooms like ants pouring out of a nest. There must have been over fifty of them on the first floor alone. We all sprinted behind, trying to keep up with Chris who was running from room to room like a mad dog.

Bodies lay everywhere as we followed close behind. Phil grabbed Steven, Billy, Tony, and Miguel as he ran towards the east wing. I followed Chris towards the west wing with Daniil and Nikolay. It was a fleeting thought, but I wondered if Phil didn’t want to take Daniil and Nikolay because he still feared they may betray him. I didn’t have time to question my comrades now because it would take all of us to eliminate every Red in the hotel. Our rampage from room to room was like a strange gauntlet. I was to the point where I just reacted, I wasn't thinking anymore about what was happening. See a Red? Shoot the Red and then move on.

It wasn’t until we reached the upper floors that I realized the sound of gunfire was growing intermittent in frequency. By the time we reached the roof, Chris, Phil, and the rest of the gang were already there. I collapsed in exhaustion as I saw that the others were just as gassed as I was. Daniil just shook his head, saying this is why the Soviet Armed Forces would never win because Americans were just too damn crazy. We all laughed, even Phil, at the statement from our new ally. Chris motioned to the flag pole and asked if Daniil would like to do the honors. He pulled down the Red flag and quickly hoisted up our Stars and Stripes, signifying to all that Brooklyn was now firmly in the hands of the Manhattan Resistance.

Location: Brooklyn Rebel Base
Date: Monday, September 8th, 2003

After a day of intense fighting, the nine of us made it back to the Brooklyn Rebel Base. Isabella was relieved to see that not only had we survived but we had succeeded to. She was saddened to hear that Manny was killed in action but stated that she would make sure his sacrifice was never forgotten. She was also astounded by our new allies but quickly welcomed them as the newest members of the Manhattan Resistance. After Isabella debriefed us, we all went our separate ways to clean up, eat, and take a long deserved rest.

A few hours later I was awoken by the sound of a TV. I had woken up just in time to catch the latest broadcast of the SAFN. A statement from General Tartarin denounced the “terrorist” attack that blew up the Brooklyn Bridge. Tartarin stated that without the bridge, an energy crisis and food shortage would occur. He also informed the public that the Freedom Phantom wanted to fight against the common people and that Chris wanted to become a dictator and take over the country. Next, we received an audio report from Colonel Bulba of the KGB who also denounced the attacks but openly accused General Tartarin of failing to eliminate the Freedom Phantom. Colonel Bulba swore to the people that he would not fail to do so. I looked at Chris when he heard this but his resolve to defeat the Soviet Armed Forces was as strong as ever. And this time, it finally felt like we could win, that we were strong enough to defeat our enemy.